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I’m back!!

So, with the recent addition of another close friend on here, I guess I need to log in a bit more often.

Things are very different from when I last posted. B and I are doing very well and living together. I hardly seem him lately as he coaches a high school swimming team right after school and then a rec team in the evening. This ends in March and I can’t wait for that because I don’t like being home alone every single night. I keep wanting to learn how/force myself to cook more…but it seems pretty pointless to do so when you are alone. Boo.

Anywho, work has been insane. We just finished midterms and the kids are all freaking out about their grades and begging for added points for no apparent reason. I’m hoping for a snow day before Feb break cuz I don’t think I’m going to make it.

I’m in the middle of wedding chaos for the next year or so. My brother is getting married in Nov- I’m a bridesmaid. My friend from high school is getting married in October- I’m the maid of honor. And she lives in dirty Jerz. Blah. My best friend from high school just got engaged so we’ll see what happens there, but she wants to get married in 2011. That’s a lot of wedding nonsense. It’s hard to believe that we are at that age. I go through facebook and I see so many of my classmates from high school that are married and even have babies by now and it blows my mind. Do I think I will marry B? Yes. Do I want to have kids in the immediate future? Hells to the nah. B is determined to have all his kids by the time he is 30, but this is also the man that two months ago never wanted to get married…so we will see.

I miss my old life when I had fun more often and didn’t worry so much. I feel like every day there is something else for me to get wrapped up in, whether it’s bills, school stuff, my boyfriend, or family drama. I really need to find a way to relieve stress or I may prematurely age and inevitably skip my 30’s and go straight to the 40’s. lol.

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I’ve had quite the up and down experiences lately.

B and I have discussed moving in together in August when my lease is up. It’s pretty much a done deal, except until yesterday there had been no discussion of the l-word. I kind of felt like it was an important thing to happen before an even bigger step which is moving in together. I knew I definitely felt it so I brought it up when we went to visit these waterfalls near my apt. It did not go as I had hoped. B was scared and didn’t really tell me much and then starting walking down the river. I couldn’t find him so sat there waiting for 20 minutes thinking that he must be upset. He comes back, clueless, to find me on the verge of tears. We had a long and awkward drive home where he feels bad about me being upset, but is stubborn and won’t really say why he is afraid to say it. We got back to my apt and sat out on my balcony for a while. He asked if I wanted to talk about it and I basically said that if he had the feelings (which he said he did) then I didn’t understand why he wouldn’t just say it. He said he was nervous because he had been hurt before, and by labeling things, it complicates them and makes his chances of being hurt even higher. We discussed for a while, and eventually he hugged me and told me that he fell in love with me the first day that we met 🙂 It was so sweet, but I almost felt bittersweet because I had to push it so much. I guess one shouldn’t go into an experience with high hopes when you can’t control things. 

Anywho, things are good now although he hasn’t really said it since we exchanged after he told me when he fell in love with me. 

So now I’m annoyed at his best friend’s gf. B loves hanging out with this couple, and I’m not the biggest fan. They both smoke a lot of pot, and this girl and I don’t have much in common. However, they want to get a place with B and he’s thinking a two family. So I decided I’d try my best to like her and keep an open mind. We all went to a wedding together two weeks ago. B and this girl’s bf were in the wedding. At the rehearsal, I made friends with another groomsman’s gf A. We talked about what we were doing in between the wedding and reception and said that we should hang out. Well, when it came down to it, she hung out with B’s best friend’s girl, T. I hope it’s not getting too complicated. Today I’m on facebook and A wrote on T’s wall “I had so much fun hanging out with you otherwise I would have been stuck with proper” I know girls can be nuts, but that has to be me they are talking about. So much to me trying to be nice. I’m going to have to hang out with this T biotch all the time…and it’s nice to know she is talking shit about me behind my back. ALSO, I brought A and her bf home after the wedding and chatted with them the whole way and was really nice to them (especially since they were stranded in West Haven and had to get to Naugatuck). UGH. I’m so frustrated.

Had to vent…sorry if it bores you!

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Maybe I could win the lottery?

I am not in a good mood today. I have been absolutely exhausted the past two days for no obvious reason. The town I teach in has a man with “potential” swine flu, but it’s taking numerous days to “confirm” and it’s just causing chaos at work. Of course, our school won’t shut down for precaution. We’re lucky if they tell us anything.

I’m getting to the point in the school year where things get crazy. Our students have to do a writing portfolio so I’ve been assigning that, plus trying to squeeze in major units. Kids are turning off, they are ready for summer. Hell, I’m ready for summer. I’m just ready to be done, and I don’t know how I’m going to make it out of there alive in June.

I got super stressed out today about my finances. My college roommate is getting married, and I was so happy when she asked me to be a bridesmaid. Now I wish I could just go and get drunk and not be in the wedding. Here’s the breakdown of all I have to pay for and cost: Engagement Party gift: $50, Dress: $280, Bridal Shower (oh, she had two by the way) gift and raffle prizes: $100, Makeup and Hair: $150, Shoes: $20 (Payless baby!), Purse: $60, Bachelorette WEEKEND in the Cape: TBD, Wedding gift: $200. HOLY SHIT I CAN’T AFFORD THIS NONSENSE.

Sigh. I’m also frustrated today because I miss my friends. I really only have two people I hang out with during the week- my bf and one gf that introduced us. She and I were basically inseparable before I started dating B, and now I barely see her. But it’s not like I don’t try! She and I had plans today, but she cancelled because she didn’t want to waste gas. Lame. I’m bored and sick of hanging out by myself. Did I mention that B is a swim coach and doesn’t have any time for me during the week? I saw him on Tuesday and that’s it. Ugh.

In other news, I’m going to have a nice weekend. My cousin’s stepfather (long story) is the GM of the Marriott in Hartford. We wanted to get massages and fully expected to pay full price. He called my cousin and set he made “special” arrangements and we only have to pay the forty dollar tip. And we are getting adjoining rooms and free room service. SO EXCITED. I wish it was Saturday!!

I think I’m going to go sit on the couch for the rest of the night because I sure as heck don’t feel like grading these awful tests on the Odyssey. Enjoy your Thursday. 🙂

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So my boss told me today that they posted the position for my job. Essentially I have to reapply. The good news is is that it closes on May 13th. And I quote my department head “I will offer you the job on May 14th” HOORAY!!!!

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i <3 warm weather

I gotta say, I don’t think I have seasonal depression disorder, but I can’t help feeling better when it warms up outside. The only shitty thing is still dressing up for work. I just want to wear shorts, flip flops and tank tops 24/7.

I was so dead at work today. I went to NYC on Saturday with my friend to visit our friend that lives in Manhattan. We were there all day and night. I didn’t get home till 4am. I am now an old woman and this ruined my whole day Sun and today. I am tired. I refuse to nap now though because it’s nice out.

My apartment is pretty sweet because it has two balconies, one off my bedroom and one off the living room/kitchen. I enjoy sitting out on the balcony and reading, but now bees are out. I hate bees. I know that realistically they pose little threat to me, but they terrify me. I’m glad that I’m alone most of the time because I totally make an ass out of myself when a bee is around. The other day there was one in the metal covering of my gas tank, and I didn’t realize it until I was halfway through pumping my gas. I contorted my body so that most of it was far away except for the few fingers necessary to pump. Damn, I must have looked stupid.

Sorry for the random tangent on bees. I am SO interesting! 



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it’s been a while

I know I haven’t been the best at updating my life on here, but I just never really think to write.

I just got off April vacation. It was absolutely amazing. My relationship is going really well…and after having an honest discussion with my boyfriend about some issues I had had with his behavior we are so happy. It’s a really good feeling….and it may even be love? AH!

Work now sucks. The kids are ready for summer, and frankly, so am I. It is a Weds night and I’m drinking beer alone to try to calm down. I’m getting stress headaches and somehow pulled a muscle in my back today. Awesome….I need June NOW.

I still don’t know what’s going on with my job next year. It all depends on the budget. The woman I am in for who was on maternity leave officially resigned so right now I have a job. I hate being in limbo. I need a contract to have piece of mind. 

I miss my friends from home. I love my apartment and being away from Ellington, but I only have a few people here to hang out with and I miss all my buddies. I guess that’s all part of growing up.

My apologies for a lack of significant/interesting/entertaining news. I’ll try harder.

Ohhh I got a student arrested for pot on 4/20. That’s always fun!

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The time has come for coats…

and snow days! Yay 🙂

At this rate, I’ll be in school until the middle of June, but I really don’t mind because snow days are amazing. Especially in the middle of the week, and when you are with someone you are happy with.
Anywhoo, I have finally updated this thing a bit, including a photo or two of Greece. I still can’t get my European travels out of my head, and I’m dying to go somewhere soon. I wish I had money to do so…

I finished all my exam grading! I’ve been super lazy this whole Saturday morning and I don’t feel bad about it one bit. I needed a quiet day of sleep and relaxation after all the crap that’s been going on lately. I just felt emotionally and physically tired. A nice day of doing nothing will amend it!

I wish I had some funny story to share but unfortunately nothing comes to mind. Until another day…


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We are the best at what we do.


I’m currently in the middle of midterm hell. I thought that as a student it was tough taking like six exams in a few days….that is until I got 85 to grade. Tomorrow I have my two freshmen classes taking theirs and then have to grade them all this weekend. Oh yeah, and try to have a life?

Things are going well with B although I haven’t seen him much this week. He hasn’t been at school because of midterms and he’s busy coaching two different swim teams every night. I’m a little frustrated because all he wants to do is communicate through text message…which is fine when we’re at school or when he is at practice. I get it that he’s busy, but isn’t it weird to never talk to your girlfriend on the phone? I don’t think it’s good for a relationship to only talk through text. This will be an ongoing issue since I brought it up and he told me I’m free to call him whenever. Ugh.

This weekend we are going to ask each other challenging questions. He has a job interview tomorrow and I was talking about how fun it would be to interview each other. We’ve only been dating for four weeks so there’s a lot I don’t know know. What kinds of questions do you want to know about a new boyfriend/girlfriend?

I’m still trying to figure this out, but I did get some links up finally! Nicely done, huh Witty? Maybe someday I can make it prettier or more creative. Not today.


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Sinking like a stone in the sea…

I have finally joined the wordpress world!!!

It’s sad to say but I procrastinated mostly because I wanted a creative title. Haha. Finally I just gave up and wrote whatever came to mind when I opened the window. I’m going to try my best to figure this site out and update as much as I can.

Things are pretty hectic for me right now. We had our first day of midterms. Writing a midterm is quite a chore….and writing a midterm for a department head who has no idea what she is doing and who also didn’t even read it until I forced her can be quite a challenge. I will soon be immersed in grading the bunch. Awesome. So far I have one class’s worth and I’ve graded six. The grades? C, D, F+, F+, F, F. This is going to be so much fun.

Besides work being a bit stressful, I’m quite happy right now. I have a new boyfriend (ooh is it weird that I find it weird to say that word?). He actually works at my school so I haven’t really been able to tell anyone about it. He’s a tutor because he just finished grad school and it’s hard to find a teaching job in January. He is what some may call a hippie…although he has shaved off his long hair and beard. Thank God. I used to be so beyond picky with guys, and I know that two years ago I wouldn’t have looked twice at him, but I’m glad that I’ve stopped being an idiot. I gave him a chance, and it’s working out really well. 

I’m hoping that this will also be a connection to make new friends around here. I honestly haven’t had much time to go out but I do miss hanging out with groups of people. Time will tell.

Well, my friend is on her way to watch corny movies and eat Taco Bell with me, so be jealous of my rockin’ Friday night.


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!